Sunday, 23 October 2016

Renovation project - A bad day in France (I've had enough)

Renovation project - A bad day in France (I've had enough)
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This morning it is time to paint the new dining room, this is a job I will be doing as John continues on the little house.
The walls are not good in this room and the ceiling is worse, John has worked on them, but they are a bit patchy, I scrap off the old paint.
John starts me off with the knocking in (this is where you do your edges and corners), and I do the same thing, but somehow it is wrong, he shows me again and leaves me to it.
He comes back and I am not quick enough and I am using too much paint, I am getting quite pissed off now.
He shows me how to do a thin coat with the roller, this is a roller on a stick, John can roller from top to bottom in one stoke, I cannot, the stick is too big and the roller is to heavy, but I continue, yet again, I am doing it wrong.
He is in such a bad mood and the atmosphere is awful. It isn’t helping that the plumbing job he is doing keeps going wrong.
We don’t row but the sniping is terrible, I feel like crap, John doesn’t feel any better and the day continues in this vein.
At this point I start to feel quite lonely, yes I have some good friends here, but they are at work or are joint friends, so I can’t ring them and moan about John.
Sometimes there will be days like this, they are just bad days, but you are far from your family, so they seem to be far worse. The day does not improve, the work continues, but at this moment I feel that I have had enough.
I think with all the ill health and things that have gone wrong this year, we both actually need a proper break, it is only a few weeks before we go on holiday, but we had wanted to be finished before we left, that will not happen. But, so what, it will be here when we get back, the holiday is a definite priority and luckily it is all booked and paid for. Portugal here we come!
When you are doing a project like this it is not all sunshine and rose gardens, some days will be bad, some days you will both feel like crap, but you get over these days, you support each other and allow each other to have bad days, you recognise them for what they are, bad days, nothing more nothing less.

A night with a bottle of wine and a good film and roaring fire, apologies all round and it is time to go to bed and get up for a new day, which will hopefully be back to normal. If you expect these days once in a while, your life will be much easier.