Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Renovation Project - Back to Brittany

Renovation Project - Back to Brittany

Our car has now been at the garage for almost 8 weeks due to waiting for parts, wrong parts being delivered and parts not being available in Spain, John now knows all there is about fixing the Volvo and today it comes home.

I am so happy to see it again and to get rid of our little hire car.

The time was cut very fine as I have an appointment with a specialist in France at the end of this week, if the Volvo had not been fixed we were going to fly and buy a new car there, but it is fixed and we can set off soon.

We have had some serious conversations about what we are going to do next, we are not staying in Spain (well not this time anyway) we have looked at different areas in France but have decided we are going to go back to Huelgoat, we have friends there, we know the Mairie and how things work and we also know that houses at the right price will sell, we also now know that accommodation there will give us an income.

So with all that knowledge I have been looking on line and have found 3 properties that we like, one is actually across the road from our old house!

We are setting off tomorrow morning to go and view them, I have to say that I am feeling very excited about going home, John is not feeling the same and this was a big discussion point, he feels that we are going backwards.

But as I pointed out it is not a step back it is a logical course, we can make it work there and hopefully we will be able to work again and I can still remember a lot of my spoken French (not all) but it will be a lot easier to learn french than it has proved to be to learn Spanish.

We are going to get to France with 2 stops, as the car is only just fixed we are going on the toll roads.

This means the journey is not as good but it is safer if the car breaks down.

We are ready to find our next home wish us luck!