Friday, 26 June 2015

Renovation project - A happy house

Renovation project - A happy house

Well the sun is still shining which is good news as we have most of the kitchen in the garden, is this preparation for Spain maybe? Is there some higher being that is giving us a taste of the Mediterranean lifestyle?

Though to be honest I hope the new Mediterranean lifestyle will include an inside toilet!

I am still really busy with the estate agency and I am just so glad that John has something to occupy himself with instead of getting under my feet.

He has been in his element since he decided to have a go at the kitchen, measuring, designing and then re measuring and redesigning.

It does make it easier that the kitchen is so small, it really will not take too long to do.

His first decision now that it is empty is to remove the old hardboard wall and see what is going on he is also convinced that there is a beautiful stone wall hiding somewhere.

It really doesn't take long to strip as most of it just falls of with one tap of his hammer, so even if he hadn't planned to have the stone wall exposed, the house had different ideas.

The smell of damp is awful and we see just how bad everything is. John is back to his cursing again he really can't understand how a builder can leave such a bad job, and understand even less how something so beautiful can be covered by something so bad.

The most surprising thing about uncovering the wall is the fact that the house is also happy about it, so happy that there is a great big smile staring back at us!

Yes you read it right and here is the evidence, can you imagine a house being happy, well this one is and now it smiles at us every time we walk into the kitchen!

Renovation project - A happy house - the house is smiling